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Seattle, WA 98103

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©2019 by Heidi Stuber for Seattle City Council. 

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

My name is Heidi Stuber and I am running for City Council because I believe in the future of Seattle.  I have a diverse background in legislative advocacy, education, and business leadership - including over 12 years expertise in change management.  These qualities make me  uniquely qualified to bring a balanced, action-oriented approach to City Hall.

District 4 has been my family's home for seven years, first in Wallingford and now in Ravenna.  I love our community and  care deeply about our schools, parks, local businesses, and especially our neighborhoods.  The people of District 4 deserve smart, committed, and responsive leadership from a passionate problem-solver who will listen and be an authentic voice for our District.

As an experienced Businesswoman, I know what it takes to tackle big problems and enact real solutions.  I’ve lived in Seattle for 16 years and as a single mother of an autistic child, I also know firsthand the struggles to live and thrive in this city.  Everyone deserves to live without worrying about where they are going to sleep at night or how to put food on the table.  We have a responsibility to our neighbors to ensure safe, quality housing; make Seattle more affordable for families, seniors, and the middle-class; and safeguard our schools and environment for generations to come.

I offer you, my neighbors, the chance to be led by a true advocate and problem-solver who is in touch with the needs of everyday Seattleites and accountable to the people I represent.  As I enter this race you can be assured my primary commitment is to honor and serve the people of District 4.  I am excited to share your vision for our community and be your advocate at City Hall.

I love Seattle, and I believe in our future, just like you.



Heidi Stuber