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Who I Am

I’m running for Seattle City Council, District 4, because I believe in a better future for our city.  I’ve lived in Seattle for 16 years, and in District 4 for seven years, with homes in Wallingford and Ravenna, and I raised my son here.  I’m running to bring balanced, common-sense solutions to City Hall and to speak for families, small businesses, and regular Seattleites like me. 

I bring a deep, personal history of advocacy combined with the working experience and leadership style that means I know how to get things done.  I started my career as an Environmental Science teacher in inner-city Chicago, I got my MBA at Seattle University, and I’ve spent more than a dozen years specializing in organizational change both in local, small businesses and at places like Woodland Park Zoo and North Seattle College. 

For the last 5 1/2 years, I’ve been the Strategic Director of Sea to Sky Rentals, a small local business that is female-owned and operated.  I’m known at work for my strong voice and action-oriented perspective.  One of my favorite phrases is “80% and Go!”  emphasizing my belief that you don’t need a perfect solution, you need a good enough solution and you need to move forward collaboratively as a team.

Across my 15 years of leadership experience, I’ve left programs and businesses in better shape than I found them.  I am adept at achieving success by bringing a big picture, strategic perspective and working with a team to get results. I also have a track record of changing things for the better:

  • When my industry faced legislative changes in Seattle that would have threatened thousands of jobs, I successfully advocated for fair regulations that balanced the needs of small businesses with the needs of the community.

  • When I learned that special needs students were routinely being restrained and isolated in public school, I fought to change the law in Olympia and for policy changes in Seattle Public Schools to protect special education students - I even sued the school district when other advocacy efforts didn't get results.

  • When I was targeted at an industry work conference, I pushed the Board of Directors to create a Code of Conduct to fight all types of discrimination and stood up in front of my colleagues to raise awareness about sexual harassment and assault.

I’m not content to sit on the sidelines when things aren't right.  I'm the sort of leader who fights for what she believes in and gets results.  I’m running for City Council because we need a new kind of leader, someone who is willing to take action on the big issues facing our city, like homelessness, affordability, and climate change.  I have that track record of taking action and I’m excited to put my experience to work for the people of District 4.