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Supporting Students and Schools

As a former teacher and public school parent, I know firsthand that we need excellent public schools for all students.  Washington's public schools are underfunded by the state legislature, and Seattle is millions short in funding which disproportionately affects special education students, English language learners, and low-income students.  And Seattle still has a massive achievement and graduation gap.


That’s why I support City of Seattle working collaboratively with Seattle Public Schools to address issues that cross over strictly curriculum and education needs to encompass students health, well being, and family quality of life.  City leadership can and should look for innovative ways to partner with school communities to support access to a quality education for all students. 


  • Expand after-school and summer programming.  Working families struggle to make ends meet and juggle work and family responsibilities over school holidays.  The city can work collaboratively with the school district and community organizations to offer more options for enrichment activities, summer learning, and to provide two meals a day during school breaks for students who are food insecure. 

  • Support public school students mental health and social-emotional learning.  City of Seattle needs to work creatively with schools to increase the number of counselors and nurses to support students' healthcare needs.  We must increase awareness of children's mental health issues by providing suicide prevention programs in every middle and high school.  And we have a responsibility to ensure Promise levy funds are being used to meet students needs and support schools in closing the achievement gaps.

  • Partner with the school district on school transportation.  Right now, many parents drive their kids to school because school bus routes are slow, unreliable, or inconvenient and then they drive from school to work.  This is stressful for families and leads to increased traffic congestion during the school year.  We can plan better public bus routes to get families from home to school to work, and provide ORCA cards for all middle school students, to help get people out of their cars and onto public transit.

  • Ensure we have adequate and safe shelter for homeless kids and families.  Homeless families have different needs than other homeless groups. We need to fund diversion and rapid rehousing programs so families struggling with job loss or eviction have a safety net before falling into homelessness.  We also need temporary shelter options that are safe, clean, and appropriate where families can stay together.  And we need to build more affordable housing so less families are housing insecure in the first place.

  • Stand up for fully funding education.  As a City Councilmember, I will stand with parents and educators, and work collaboratively with other leaders to push state legislators in Olympia to fully fund our schools.