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  • Downtown Seattle Association: 93% Candidate Ranking

Downtown Seattle Association gave Heidi the highest rating in District 4, for her ability to address the important issues facing downtown and the city, including public safety, transportation, homelessness, economic competitiveness, and the urban experience.

  • Michelle Acquavella, Founder of Sea to Sky Rentals:

"Heidi Stuber is the no nonsense, common sense candidate Seattle so desperately needs.  As someone who cares about fiscal responsibility, Heidi will hold the city accountable, wisely using it’s resources, tracking the results of city programs, and keeping an open dialogue with concerned citizens.  She will hold the city accountable to it’s constituents, listen to the people, and make fair and balanced decisions.  Heidi is what this city needs to get back on track and keep Seattle the best city in the Pacific Northwest."

  • Arzu Forough, CEO of Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy:

"I support Heidi Stuber for Seattle City Council District 4, because  she's a thoughtful and compassionate person who listens to, engages with and advocates for all people."

  • Doug Fraser, formerly homeless Seattle resident:

"Heidi Stuber knows how much help people need to move from the vicious cycle of mental illness, addiction and homelessness to a productive life.  She personally helped me, not just giving me a job but rehiring me after I disappeared for weeks in a manic spree. 

Heidi's policies on homelessness recognizes its complex  nature:  first to get all the players working together (police, hospitals, government agencies, faith-based groups, businesses, and non-profits);  then, the continuing need for increased shelter options; and finally ways to convince those of us once on the street, that we have a stake in society.  We must use compassion when asking someone to change. 

Heidi has not only compassion and ideas, but proven organizational talent and the tenacity to implement that talent to get things done.  She won't let the perfect get in the way of the good.  She will roll up her sleeves and get to work, dealing with whatever is in front of her on it's own merits.  District 4, our city- could do no better."