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Combating Climate Change

Climate change is the primary threat to the future of our children and grandchildren.  In Seattle, where most of our electricity comes from clean energy, over half of our carbon emissions are due to vehicle traffic.  Traffic congestion is our city is both affecting our quality of life and harming our future.  Our path to carbon neutrality requires a myriad of transportation and clean energy solutions, but the biggest impact we can make is by increasing convenience and ease of access to public transportation.


We need to get people out of cars and onto public transit.  But to do that, we need to make it much easier and more efficient to get around our city by public transit.  We have an opportunity while our light rail is still being built to capture the opportunity to get more people onto public transit . 

  • Expand neighborhood bus lines and increase service hours.  Rapid Ride was a great addition to our transit infrastructure, but it came at too high a cost for local neighborhood bus routes.  We need to make sure we have regular, local bus routes serving neighborhoods across the city.  We need redundant bus routes and east-to-west routes that make it easy to commute in the city and connect to existing light rail infrastructure.

  • Improve bus-to-light-rail connections.  Our region has invested in a light rail system that is convenient and efficient, but we need to make it easy to access for people across Seattle.  We need buses that solve the 'last mile' problem with convenient connections to light rail stations.  Pedestrians and bikers also need safe and easy access points to light rail that doesn't require walking across a college campus.

  • Increase the income limits of the reduced-cost ORCA LIFT pass to include the middle class.  More people will use public transportation when it is affordable and easy to access.  Let's improve access by increasing the income limits to 75% of the Area Median Income so more middle class Seattleites will choose public transit. 

  • Support homeowners and developers in building and becoming green.  Review and strengthen building codes to require new construction and remodels to achieve higher LEED standards.  Invest in programs to help homeowners transition to solar power and increase utilization of city weatherization programs.

  • As the Emerald City, Seattle must lead by example.  City Council already signed onto Seattle's Green New Deal, now we need to make sure a sustainable plan is created and effectively implemented to reduce carbon emissions and create green jobs.  The City needs to show leadership by transitioning all public transportation and city vehicles to electric energy, increasing energy efficiency in city departments, and ensuring all new government buildings achieve LEED Gold standards.